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3d Printer Cable Holder

3 d Printer Cable Holder is a beneficial solution for when you need to keep your Printer safe and secure, this sleek Holder is graduated to match the color of your 3 d Printer and includes a key and card Holder for uncomplicated communication.

Best 3d Printer Cable Holder

This 3 d Printer Cable Holder is for the creality ender printer, it is plastic and holds one Cable at a time. The Holder is suppose to be placed on the wall or other sturdy surface so that it can be pulled in when the 3 d Printer is running, it is fabricated of plastic and holds the Cable of the creality Printer 3 d Printer like "hanging down" web. The Cable can then be and disconnected from the host computer, the Holder is for an 3 d Printer cable. It is fabricated of plastic and fits most printers, the Cable Holder is hidden in the dark area on the front of the printer. It can be found by digging for the green in the back of the printer, the Holder is sturdy and makes it facile to move the Cable of the printer. It as well facile to connect and disconnect the Cable of the printer.