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3d Printer Jewelry Files

This is an 12-piece 3 d stl print file for the Jewelry industry that includes two turkish model earrings, the earrings are made from 12 different 3 d stl Files that are all customized with customized shapes and sizes. This file is first-rate for someone wanting to create Jewelry from now on or for use in a cnc printer.

3d Printer Jewelry Files Ebay

This is an 12 piece 3 d stl print of jewelry, the model is in turkish form, with earrings and aple star on the head. The Jewelry is manufactured out of stainless steel components and is finished with a dark browns and black tones, the Jewelry is an unequaled piece to make your 3 d Printer look big and important. Made with help of a turkish model earring, the Jewelry is need to be printed with a cnc printer, and should be made out of gold, silver, or other valuable metal. This is an 3 d stl print file for the Jewelry set, it is of a gold silver finger model. The model can be used to create genuine jewelry, the model also allows of real Jewelry making a fun and straightforward task. This is an 12-piece stl file for the Jewelry from turkish model earring, the file includes: 1. Earring 2, print settings: 3. Paper size 4, font size 5. Defense strength 6, colour 5. Latitude 6, weight 7. Finishing 5, chloride level.